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Finally Stop Worrying About the Safety of Your Loved Ones

By reducing the chances of falling and sliding in the bathroom, you can worry about your loved ones safety. No more wondering if they have fallen and can’t get up, or are alright. By adding mobility gear, you can rest easier, knowing they aren’t in danger.

Make the Bathroom Much Less Dangerous

The toilet is one of the very dangerous places in the home for aged folks. With a new walk-in tub, you can make getting in and out of the shower daily that is more stable and considerably safer. That reduces the risk of one of the most high-risk rooms in the house.

Avoid Becoming Seriously Injured from Falling Down

Getting in and out of the tub is among the most dangerous tasks elderly individuals can do. By changing for a more reachable bathtub, you can significantly reduce the change of a serious injury from slipping and dropping. One serious harm can significantly lower lifespan and your freedom.


Does the risk of falling and sliding in the toilet make you scared of living alone?

Would a slip and fall set you behind years of mobility and exercise?

Do you want additional help washing and cleaning due to the risk of falling in the tub?

Does having to step high over the tub to get outside or in also make you scared of falling down and put you off balance?

Here at Cain’s Mobility MI , we’re proud to set up bathtubs and showers that have doors making bathing and showering not considerably more difficult for the aged people of Kalamazoo.

Make Living Alone in Michigan Safe and Fun Once More!

For a lot of aging citizens, being able to reside in their very own house for as long as possible is the simplest way to maintain dignity and pride in their own own lives.

As individuals age, parts of their bodies start to break down, and it becomes dangerous to dwell alone without added help in the rare instance that something happens.

For a lot of aged people, this means eventually needing to move away from the Kalamazoo house they have lived in for a long time and love, and into a Michigan retirement or care facility that’s infertile, unknown and not practically the same as their own home in Kalamazoo.

By preventing slips and falls in the bathroom with a fresh walk-in tub, aged folks will be able to remain in their own home for longer, and revel in the life they have lived for years.

Avoid Serious Injury which Could Shorten Your Lifespan Considerably

For a lot of aged individuals dwelling in Kalamazoo, bones could be broken by a single serious fall, and significantly hinder mobility and exercise for many years to come. This inactivity and deficiency of ability to move can substantially decrease your lifespan and overall well-being and freedom you have every day.

One of the easiest methods to stop harm is in the restroom, with new freedom equipment that make the procedure of bathing significantly less dangerous than before.

Thus give our Kalamazoo team a call right away to find out the way you can avoid serious injury like a busted hip, leg or back, and live and free for longer.

Raise your Kalamazoo Home’s Resale Value to a Growing Baby Boomer People.

As more and more of the baby boomer population in Michigan are getting older, mobility gear will become a bigger and bigger selling point for the purchase of Kalamazoo houses.

By installing a walk in bathtub in your Kalamazoo house, you will not only make daily living easier right now, but would set up your dwelling to be valuable later on.

Every walk in bathtub can substantially raise your Michigan house’s resale and attractiveness to aging people.

Give our Kalamazoo team a call to discover exactly how much your home’s resale value would increase from a new installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do walk in bathtubs work?

When you enter the walk-in tub, you shut the door and seal it by pulling on the handle toward you. Make sure the handle is locked so as to avoid any water decline. There are several types of handles depending on the model you decide to buy. Be sure it is a handle that you could certainly operate. Then, the floor drain shut and make sure the anti-scald device has already been preset before using the bathtub. Your bath is ready once the tub fills to the desired depth. Be sure to get familiar with the operating instructions to judge which speed works best for your requirements, if you plan on using jets. Manufacturers may also recommend a maximum time of use. You must empty the water after you have completed your bath, turn the overflow knob or remove the drain depending on the kind of drain. Pull on the tub leave and handle the tub.

2) How much do walk-in bathtubs cost in Kalamazoo?

A walk-in tub in Kalamazoo typically ranges in cost from $1,700 to over $30,000. The price depends upon whether you have it installed by our Michigan team, what characteristics you select, as well as the caliber of the product. The price also changes depending on whether you choose acrylic or fiberglass bathtubs. Everybody is different and ensuring that a walk in tub works for somebody 's unique circumstances is very critical as it is typically replacing a bathtub or bath assembly that isn't satisfying their needs. A good walk-in tub runs between installed. and $8,000 $3,000 Some suppliers provide monthly premiums or a cash bonus.

3) Can I choose the color / style to match my interior decoration?

Yes. Check with the producers about Michigan alternatives. Shades that are uniform with the majority of toilets are only offered by some. Selecting the right walk-in tub for you means discussing the variety of sizes, fashions and layouts to make sure it suits your own special needs and room conditions. Since most makers make baths in cream and white, you might have to pay an additional fee for a custom color.

4) Is there a way to get Jacuzzi jets in my tub?

Yes. Be cautious of the quantity of water and also atmosphere that comes out of the jets to make sure it's the appropriate number that will soothe aches and your sore muscles using a massage sense. Jets could be positioned to target specific regions to provide for the very best effects. Many Kalamazoo customers enjoy the therapeutic effect of having jets installed within their walk in bath for a broad range of medical conditions that gain from the additional relaxation.

5) Are these tubs as easy to clean as normal tubs?

They are simple to wash, but unlike routine baths, it is wise to keep a daily cleaning habit with a walk-in bath following manufacturer's recommendations and utilizing the products that are appropriate. You wish to really make sure with a walk-in bath that you remove spots and scum to defend the surface. Get into the habit of wiping down the surfaces that are wet after every use to help prevent the build up scum, that will need more scrubbing afterwards. Weekly, use cleansers to clean your walk in bathtub. Products that address your special water blot and deposits should be considered in addition to any indications that these products may ruin the finish on your bathtub. You need to get familiar with the most effective cleaning techniques for your type of tub since baths are usually either acrylic or fiberglass. Fiberglass can easily dull and is fragile and porous and stain. Acrylic is non-porous and easy to clean. Do not use abrasive cleaners you might dull the finish and scratch on the bath. Additionally, if the weather allows, air the room out in order that it doesn't remain humid all day. Some manufacturers advise that you just open your own bathroom window for an hour daily to let moisture escape.

6) Will Medicare cover the cost of equipment and installation in Michigan?

Medicare will not cover walk in bathtub equipment and installation prices in Michigan, for the reason that they're home adjustments, not durable medical equipment. Durable medical equipment will not include physical changes to a home, only medical gear and materials which are used to help a patient in and out of bed or a chair, or make use of a shower or bathtub safer and simpler. Consumer Affairs implies that you might wish to contact Medicare to see if (for mobility safety reasons) a walk-in bathtub is justified to ascertain if the gear can be partly compensated. More often than not, they will not cover it. But if you are eligible for Medicaid, your state's program may provide you with some financial assistance for a walk in bathtub. You may be eligible for a House and Community Based Service (HCBS) waiver to play for specific specialized medical equipment and accessibility adjustments. In case you are a receiver of Medicaid and Medicare, it's also advisable to consider the Double-Eligible Special Needs Strategy. This plan is part of the Medicare Advantage plan for dual eligibles. Medicaid offers an entire record of waivers relevant to the elderly that we suggest that you review. Additionally, contact your Kalamazoo or Michigan Area Agency on Aging (AAA) to investigate Medicaid Waivers and fiscal options for long term care.

7) How do walk-in tubs drain?

Some systems employ a gravity only drainage system, while other makers offer power assisted drainage systems. Generally, the drainage system in a walk in bath is attached to the standard tub drain, which is threaded into a flat pipe called a waste shoe. The shoe is sealed under its flange with putty or a foam washer. Some characteristics may cost you more, so it is always wise to ask. Eventually, get to be aware of the difference between frameless tubs since because they don't change the drain height of your existing bath frameless baths tend to drain quicker than framed tubs and framed tubs. Framed baths are built on a steel framework and also the base of the bathtub is suspended off the ground. Frameless baths are designed with an extra-strength mold that doesn't necessitate a steel framework and the underside of the bathtub is not hung in the air.

8) Will the cost of installation and equipment be covered by my disability in Michigan?

If your impairment was a result of a car or work accident, check with the correct insurance carrier to see if house modifications resulting from your MI impairment are insured. Claims that comprise Kalamazoo dwelling alterations are not inadmissible in insurance settlements. Someone have a medical condition that meets their definition of impairment and qualifies for Social Security disability benefits when they've worked in a job that was covered by Social Security. Benefits may be insured, in the event you're injured or on handicap. Since SSI is a needs-based plan plus an SSI recipient must have limited income and resources, qualification for the Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) allows a person with a disability to achieve an occupational objective. The cash that is set aside under a PASS may be used for anything that contributes to an occupational objective and may be used to cover house modifications through an SSI savings strategy. If you're a veteran, the Department of Veterans' Affairs does offer individual plans that will assist you to deflect a number of the price. There are Michigan home adjustment grants that are available that might give you help for the installation and purchase of a walk-in bath: (1) the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant; (2) the Special Home Version (SHA) Grants; along with the Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) Grant. Contact the form 26-4555 to apply for a SAH or SHA grant. For advice on all VA benefits in Michigan call 1-800-827-1000.

9) How much is it for a cheaper walk-in bathtub?

A more affordable fundamental variant of the walk-in tub can cost between $1,7000 and $3,000 in [

10) Why are these tubs so much more expensive than normal tubs?

Largely you're paying for a list of safety features that are not accessible on a regular bath. These safety features are built into walk in tubs for individuals with limited mobility to decrease the possibility of falling down. Version wall heights are typically 37 to 47 inches tall and include a built in shower seat, textured flooring, grab bars, anti-scald valves, in-line heater, temperature controls, and a watertight door. A crucial part of walk in tubs is that there is a low step threshold to allow a user to easily enter into the tub unconcerned in regards to the conventional high wall of a regular tub. The walk in tubs also normally comprise jet treatment, a cleaning function, and improved drain options. Additionally, one of the reasons why the price changes among the walk-in baths is that the baths are custom made depending on a person's demands rather than factory reproduced, so you could find a bath that is specially made for somebody who wants wheelchair access, a tub that fits a bigger individual, or a soaker tub with jets.

11) Do Walk-In Bathtubs Leak?

Yes, they could leak. Another common complaint from people who attempted to save cash and bought an inferior quality tub comes from door flows. When buying a walk-in bathtub, be sure you purchase a lifetime warranty, because as soon as the door leaks, you can't use the tub, until you fix the seal. Make sure the walk-in tub is strong and inflexible to avoid any flex that inhibits a watertight door. Furthermore, during the installation process, it is exceptionally recommended that the Michigan installer never lift the bath by the plumbing, because it can result in leaks. Mishandling and additionally during transporting any damage that could have happened can loosen fittings and cause leakage. Before using the walk-in tub, it is important that the bathtub is tested by the installer correctly according to the instruction manual. The water may have trouble draining properly and may create the door to leak, if the bathtub isn't installed level together with the supporting features supplied. Eventually, make sure to comprehend the dangers linked to the placement of your walk-in tub, especially alcoves, since they have particular conditions to avert leaking.

12) Can the shower be used still with a walk-in bathtub?

Yes. There are walkin bathtub installments that offer you a large standing place for standup showers. You can either shower standing up or sitting down. Be sure to get the correct measurements for the walk-in bath in order you do not feel cramped during a stand-up shower. Additionally, another thing to keep in mind is always to ask about the faucet place, because if your faucet is not directly against a wall, it is significantly more difficult to tap into your existing shower should you intend to maintain your standing shower.

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